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The construction site in Puttgarden

Construction site in Puttgarden

The construction site on the German side is much smaller compared to the construction site on the Danish side. The site takes up roughly 90 hectares.

As on the Danish side, a construction site with a small temporary harbour will be established. The construction site on Fehmarn will be located east of the existing ferry port.

The facilities on site will be no higher than 40 m and will therefore be lower than the ferries on the Rødby-Puttgarden service.

In contrast to Lolland where the large-scale production of the tunnel elements is taking place, there will only be one construction site for the tunnel portal on Fehmarn.

A temporary work harbour will be built on both the Danish and German sides. Supplies and raw materials for the construction project will largely be delivered by sea. This will limit traffic to and from the construction site so as not to put a strain on local roads.

In addition to the construction of the tunnel portal on Fehmarn, the project also includes connections to the existing road network - main road B207 and motorway E47 - and the existing railway.

The local road and path network will also be adjusted and several smaller bridges and tunnels will be built to ensure passage for local traffic.

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