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Construction site at Røbyhavn

Northern Europe’s largest construction site

The majority of activities concerned with the building of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel take place at the main construction site at Rødbyhavn on Lolland.

The large-scale production plant for casting and shipping out the tunnel elements is being built here. Together the factory and work harbour will occupy an area measuring 1.5 million m2, the equivalent of 310 football pitches.

Slightly west of the factory, the large portal building is being constructed, which provides the transition from the motorway and railway on land to the tunnel tube.

The tunnel town

Several thousand workers are needed to construct the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. When the work reaches its peak, around 1,300 tunnel workers will live and work at the site. For this purpose, a special tunnel town has been built between the tunnel portal and the production plant.  

The town is divided into nine districts. Every tunnel worker has their own single room with their own bathroom and WC. There are also communal facilities, such as a clinic, a supermarket, games room, gym, etc. The tunnel town is linked together by new cycle paths, which make it easy for workers to get around the construction site and the neighbourhood.

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