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Welcome to our exhibition centers

Femern A/S Exhibition Centre, Rødbyhavn:

Havnegade 2
4970 Rødby

Phone: +45 33 41 63 10

Opening hours

9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday–Sunday and public holidays:
11.00 am – 4.00 pm


The exhibition is only open between 12 pm and 3 pm on the 17th of June. 

Infocenter in Burg, Fehmarn

Ohrstrasse 40,

23768 Burg, Fehmarn


Phone: 04371/888 88 92



Opening hours:

Monday til tuesday : 11 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 5 pm

Friday: 11 am to 3 pm

Get close to the construction site

A visit to our exhibition centre at Rødbyhavn will give you a chance to learn more about the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. Our exhibition features photos, films, posters and models from the enormous construction site.

The exhibition offers a thorough insight into all aspects of the project. Guides are on hand to explain more about the construction and answer any questions you may have. An outdoor play area with tables and chairs is attached to the exhibition for adults and kids to enjoy. Entry is free.

See how an immersion tunnel is built

Worth a visit

Exhibition Centre in the heart of Rødbyhavn

A large exhibition in the centre of Rødbyhavn will give you a thorough insight into the 18 km long tunnel and the enormous work that is being carried out in the region ahead of the tunnel opening in 2029.

A thorough insight into the construction

The exhibition offers a thorough insight into all aspects of the project through photos, models and films - in Danish, English and German.

An experience for everyone

Adjacent to the exhibition there is an outdoor playground with several tables and benches and free access to play and fun for both kids and adults.

About the lectures

In the lecture, you will hear about the background for the Fehmarnbelt connection and how the world's longest submersible tunnel is being built. The lecture is aimed at those who want to gain knowledge about the project. The lecture ends with a visit to the exhibition. The lecture can be held in Danish, German or English.

On a tour of the exhibition, one of our guides talks about the project. A tour of the exhibition provides a good background for experiencing the work yourself from the viewing platform on Gl. Bathing road or from the dyke at Lalandia west of Rødbyhavn.

Observation point for the construction site

We have established a special observation point in the area from where you can follow the tunnel construction. 

From the viewing platform at the end of Gl. Badevej in Rødbyhavn, you can see the work proceeding on land and at sea. The viewing platform is equipped with powerful binoculars so you can view the construction of the descent to the tunnel a few hundred metres away and the extensive work off the coast. There is a large parking area close to the platform.

The ARROW - a new observation point

A new observation point close to the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel at Rødbyhavn, Denmark, will give visitors and neighbours near the construction site a better opportunity to follow the project closely. The new vantage point will be called The Arrow and is expected to be completed in early 2025.

The Arrow will be built as a 217-metre-long rising ramp of 24 metres in height at the tip. The ramp will be erected close to where the tunnel begins where train and car traffic will enter into the 18-kilometre tunnel to Puttgarden, Germany.

Visitors will be able to observe the building of the tunnel from a safe distance and at the same time get the story behind the extensive tunnel project, the technical solutions, the work with sustainability and much more. Thus, the vantage point becomes a unique attraction in Rødbyhavn and a supplement to Femern A/S' exhibition centre in Rødbyhavn.

Connecting Europe
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Language: English