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There can be expected construction traffic in the harbor with tugboats, barges, and backhoe dredgers. The vessels are monitoring ch 72 and ch. 12.

Prior to entering or exiting the harbour, all vessels are required to make a blind radio call on VHF channel 12 and it is highly recommended to remain on standby on VHF channel 12.

Information to mariners

Tunnel Harbour Rødbyhavn

This page includes nessesary information for seafarers safe arrival og departure in the Tunnelharbour

Harbour management

Tunnel Harbour Rødbyhavn

4970 Rødbyhavn


Duty Phone (24/7): +4524879512


Harbour Authority

Femern A/S

Havnegade 2, 4970 Rødbyhavn


Duty Phone (24/7): +4523610670


Information About CCTV Processing Femern A S
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