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For Femern A/S social responsibility means contributing to social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Benefits for nature and the climate from the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

Green shortcut to the future

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel means that international trains and lorries passing through Denmark will be saved a 160 km detour, thus significantly reducing their CO2 emissions.

A greener corridor

The Fehmarnbelt link will be a major contributor to Europe's future sustainable transport network by making it attractive to switch freight transport from road to rail.

We're building alongside nature

The construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel will result in an extensive new natural landscape, which will increase biodiversity - on land and in the Fehmarnbelt.

Visit Ægir - our environmental portal

Femern A/S’ environment portal is named after the giant sea god, Ægir, from Norse mythology. The portal offers the opportunity to view key environmental data, which is regularly updated by means of live data from our environmental monitoring buoys in the Fehmarnbelt.

Experience Ægir here
Connecting Europe
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Language: English