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A safe construction site

Europe’s safest construction site

Femern A/S’ objective is to create one of Europe’s safest construction sites, which is underlined by its Target Zero – A State of Mind campaign.


The many initiatives designed to create a safe workplace include:

  • Training relevant employees in safety at work;
  • Supporting a safety culture that prevents accidents and where everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and that of others;
  • Close co-operation between Femern A/S, the contractors, the Danish Working Environmental Service and other relevant parties;
  • Joint safety meetings and regular inspections of the construction site;
  • Regular safety campaigns and other activities. 

Safe working processes

Contractors are responsible for ensuring that workplaces and processes are designed so that safety and the working environment are always at the forefront. 

This means that the contractors must document that health and safety conditions have been incorporated into the design, execution and planning of their work, both with regard to the organisation of work processes and methods as well as in the choice of materials.

Training in safety and the working environment

Contracts also stipulate training in safety and the working environment and the establishment of a monitoring and penalty system in order to minimise unsafe behaviour at the workplace.

This means that:

  • Everyone entering the construction site must undertake a safety course.
  • Femern A/S oversees the contractor’s activities at the construction site.
  • A number of safety objectives have been drawn up which the contractors must adhere to.
  • The respective parties share experiences from the construction site with a view to continuous improvement.
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