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Hier finden Sie aktuelle Ausschreibungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Bau des Fehmarnbelt-Tunnels. Bitte wenden Sie sich an die beauftragten Baukonsortien, um Unterauftragnehmer zu werden.

Framework agreement for Environmental Consultancy Services in Germany

The construction phase of the Femern fixed link is connected with numerous environment related tasks, the execution of which Femern A/S intends to award to an environmental consultant.

The geographical scope of the services under the Framework Agreement will be limited to the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and its associated Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Consultant's Services cannot be described definitively. However, the Consultant is expected to perform the following Services in general:

Preparation of environmental plan amendment applications

  • Environmental construction inspection (Umweltbaubegleitung – UBB)
  • Review of Landscape execution plans (LAP)
  • Preparation and updates of environmental management concepts
  • Review of Contractors’ documents
  • GIS services

The tender was sent for publication on Tender Electronic Daily on 4 January 2022.

Tenders must be submitted by uploading it to the electronic tendering system. The electronic tendering system is accessed via the link: http://eu.eu-supply.com/app/rfq/rwlentrance_s.asp?PID=320431&B=KA

Tenders must be submitted no later than Tuesday 8 February 2022, at 12:00 PM local time in Denmark.

Rahmenvertrag für Vermessungsdienstleistungen

Diese Ausschreibung betrifft den Abschluss eines Rahmenvertrags für Vermessungsdienstleistungen.

Nähere Informationen zur Ausschreibung finden Sie hier (auf Dänisch).

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