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Why we’re building the Fehmarnbelt fixed link

We give you a faster journey

When the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is completed, the journey between Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden will take seven minutes by train and 10 minutes by car. Road users and train passengers will save about one hour each way compared to the ferry crossing. The Fehmarnbelt link will be open 24 hours a day as a tunnel is not affected by wind or weather.

We give you greener transport

The Fehmarnbelt link is an important component in the future European transport network and will make an important contribution to the green transition of the transport sector. Enabling traffic to use the shortest and fastest route will reduce CO2 emissions and free up capacity on roads and railways. Switching the transport of freight from lorries to environmental-friendly electric trains will also be more attractive.

We give you more capacity on motorways and railways

The more direct route between Scandinavia and Central Europe means that European freight trains in transit, which currently take up rail capacity on Funen and Jutland, can be replaced by more passenger trains between different parts of the country. The journey time for train passengers between Copenhagen and Hamburg will be cut from four and a half hours to two and a half. 

We make commuting easier

Denmark is preparing the rail connections to and from the tunnel for modern electric trains that will run up to 200 km per hour. Commuters on the section can therefore look forward to significantly shorter travel times – regardless of whether they use the tunnel.

We give you jobs and apprenticeships

The construction of the Fehmarnbelt link will create several thousand jobs at the construction sites and with the sub-contractors. The contractors have also committed to the establishment of at least 500 full-time apprenticeships.

The Ringsted-Fehmarn Railway

As part of the construction of the Fehmarnbelt link, the Danish railway from Ringsted to Rødbyhavn will be substantially upgraded. The line will comprise two electric tracks and be prepared for speeds of up to 200 km/hour. 

Closer together. New opportunities.

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