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7 June 2024

HM The King to inaugurate the Fehmarnbelt link’s first tunnel element

The 17 June 2024 will be a historic day for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Denmark and Germany.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will comprise 79 large tunnel elements and 10 special concrete elements, currently under production at a special facility in Rødbyhavn on Lolland, the largest construction site in Northern Europe. On 17 June, HM The King will inaugurate the first tunnel element to be submerged on the Danish side later this year.  

The element will form the first 217 metres of the tunnel between Denmark and Germany.

"The inauguration of the first tunnel element is a significant milestone in the project. We’re very proud that HM King Frederik X has chosen to mark this day with us,” says Mikkel Hemmingsen, CEO, Sund & Bælt.

During his visit, the King will have the opportunity to meet some of the young apprentices who are involved in building the world’s longest immersed tunnel. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is a project whose benefits extend far into the future. Social clauses have been written into the construction contracts to ensure the creation of 500 full-time apprenticeships as part of the project.

17 June will also see the creation of a time capsule containing the thoughts and items of people who have helped to build and design the first tunnel element. The time capsule will be sealed and placed in the Fehmarnbelt project’s Exhibition Centre before being buried near the tunnel portal as a greeting to future generations.

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