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22 December 2021

High value contract for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel expected to be awarded in the spring of 2022

Femern A/S expects to award a major contract for the supply and installation of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s electrical and mechanical installations to one of the three bidding consortia in the spring of 2022.

On 16 November 2021, Femern A/S received negotiating offers for the contract. Femern A/S expects to award the contract for the electrical and mechanical installations during the spring of 2022. 

The extensive task of equipping the Fehmarnbelt tunnel with advanced technology and equipment is valued at just under DKK 5 billion. However, it is not just the size of the contract that makes it of international importance. It is crucial to ensuring that the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is regarded as a pioneering green project in Denmark and across the world, where the electrical and mechanical installations are as climate-friendly and energy saving as possible. Moreover, the contract for the tunnel’s 'inner workings' will ensure efficient, safe and stable tunnel operations from the opening in 2029.

The tender was activated in the spring of 2021 with a pre-qualification round. The three consortia submitted their negotiating offers in November of the same year.

As with the other major contracts, the consortia are expected to require a large number of subcontractors. The contractors will also be required to take on apprentices.

The three bidding consortia are:

  • BraVeCo (Sweden, France, Denmark, Norway)
  • Femern Technical Contractors (Austria, Germany, Holland, Switzerland)
  • SICE-Cobra (Spain, USA, Sweden, New Zealand
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