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29 September 2023

Safety in focus: Hands and fingers

Femern A/S, together with the main contractor FLC, has held a workshop focusing on the importance of protecting hands and fingers on the construction site.

A hand or finger injury can have a serious impact not only on your work life but also at home.

Therefore, together with our main contractor FLC, Femern A/S invited FLC’s employees from the German construction site in Puttgarden to a safety event to talk about how to protect their hands and fingers in the best possible way.

The purpose of the joint safety event is to create greater awareness of the risks associated with manual handling with hands and fingers on the construction site and to reduce the number of injuries. There were interactive posts that the employees had to go through, with the headlines:

  • How to choose the right safety gloves
  • How to secure tools when working at height
  • How to choose the correct lifting sling and how to identify damaged lifting slings that are not suitable for use
  • How difficult your everyday life becomes if you lose 2-3 fingers

According to accident numbers for the entire Femern Belt project, there have been over 70 incidents involving hand or finger injuries, and about half of the incidents have resulted in more than a day's absence.

“We all have the same goal with our project: We all have to come home safely. The numbers show that there are many hand and finger injuries, and some of them are of a more serious nature, which can limit you from being able to use your hands for a period – or even permanently. So, it is really important that we know how to work safely and avoid any damage to them", Gintaras Vagelas, Head of HSE at Femern A/S.

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