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3 October 2022

Recycling waste on site

Three weeks of environmental campaigning at the construction site at Rødbyhavn have ended. Activities such as workshops, competitions and communication about environmental initiatives on various platforms have been on the agenda.

The purpose of the environmental campaign has been to increase awareness of waste management and create a culture where construction waste is recycled in circular production, particularly among the workers on the construction site.

One of the tunnel project's main contractors Femern Link Contractors (FLC) has had focus on waste management for a while. Figures show that almost 90 percent of the total amount of waste from the Fehmarn project has been sorted for first seven months of this year. This corresponds to a CO2 saving from January to August of 660,000 kg CO2.

"As Europe's largest construction project, we have a responsibility to leave as small an environmental and CO2 footprint as possible. That’s why we have a great focus on recycling and we invest a lot of time in building a strong recycling culture among the workers," says Environmental Manager for FLC Kjartan Butzbach.

More than 250 tons of iron, steel, aluminium, food waste, plastic and other waste have been sorted to be processed for recycling into new products.

The idea is that several workshops on the fundamental science behind climate change are to be held with participants from Femern A/S and other partners in order to spread the message about the importance of focusing on sustainable solutions.

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