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15 December 2023

Aarsleff to build unique viewing platform for Fehmarnbelt project

Femern A/S has commissioned the Danish contracting group Aarsleff to build a new viewing platform close to the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel at Rødbyhavn. The platform will be 217 metres long and enable visitors and the local community to follow the building of the tunnel at close hand from 2025.

Following a tendering process, Femern A/S has selected the contracting group Aarsleff to build a unique viewing platform for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. It will be located near the tunnel entrance at Rødbyhavn and will give members of the public the opportunity to observe the extensive tunnel construction at close hand.  

"The Fehmarnbelt project has passed many important milestones, and there are even more to come as the tunnel takes shape. People are, of course, curious to see what’s happening and want to observe the construction process. Together with Aarsleff, we’re looking forward to delivering a unique viewing platform which will contribute to the story of how the world’s longest immersed tunnel came into being,” says Henrik Vincentsen, CEO, Femern A/S.   

Aarsleff was chosen in competition with four other bidders. Jesper Kristian Jacobsen, CEO of the Aarsleff Group, hopes that the viewing platform will encourage young people to start a career in construction.

"We’re certain that the viewing platform will prove to be very popular. It’s an impressive construction site in every respect, and as a partner in FLC, we in Aarsleff are also delighted that the many visitors to the area – as well as the local community – will have the opportunity to get a better view of the tunnel construction. We’re also hoping that by gaining an insight into the construction site, the next generation will be inspired to consider a career in the construction industry,” says Jesper Kristian Jacobsen.

In addition to giving visitors a better view of the work on the 18 km immersed tunnel, a visit to the platform will be an experience in itself.  

The viewing platform will be known as the Arrow (Danish: "Pilen") and will be built on reclaimed land with material sourced from the dredging of the tunnel trench in the Fehmarnbelt.  

It will be constructed as a gradually rising 217m platform, the same length as one of the tunnel elements, and will end in the shape of an arrowhead pointing towards Germany.  

The highest point of the ramp will be 24 metres above the surrounding landscape, which also corresponds to the length of each of the segments that make up one tunnel element.  

From the Arrow, visitors will be able to follow the sailing out of the tunnel elements, the construction of the tunnel portal and the upcoming road and rail link. The project will also comprise a new ramp and access way from the nearby car park on Gl. Badevej in Rødbyhavn.

The construction of the new viewing platform is expected to begin in 2024 and will be completed by 2025.

Facts about the Arrow

  • Length: 217 metres
  • Highest point: 24 metres
  • Materials: soil, recycled steel and concrete
  • To open by the beginning of 2025
  • Architect: ARUP
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