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16 January 2023

Fehmarnbelt tunnel contractor reaches 3 million working hours without serious accidents

The construction site of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel is not only the largest in Denmark – it is also one of the safest. This January the tunnel consortium FBC achieved 3 million consecutive working hours without any accidents that resulted in serious injuries.

The construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel is off to a good start. Including, when it comes to the goal of creating a safe workplace for the many employees on the project.

In January 2023, the tunnel consortium FBC completed 3 million consecutive working hours on the project without any accidents that resulted in serious injuries.

FBC excavates the tunnel trench for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel and carries out most of the marine work in connection with the large tunnel construction.

The recording of accidents, which follows the construction industry's method, looks at the total number of working hours measured against the number of accidents resulting in more than one day's absence.

According to the Confederation of Danish Employers (DA), the average on construction sites in Denmark would be more than 78 occupational accidents for the corresponding number of working hours.

"We are satisfied that we generally have an extremely low accident rate on our project. FBC has approached the task with the same goal as us, namely to be Denmark's safest construction site. Together, we maintain a constant focus on prevention and a strong safety culture that is part of our DNA at the Fehmarnbelt project," says Gintaras Vagelas, HSE manager at Femern A/S.

At FBC, HSSE Manager Michiel Klaui is very pleased with the positive results so far.

"We have extensive experience with large construction projects at sea and have created a strong safety culture. We are happy that our efforts are yielding results, and we will of course continue the collaboration with both our subcontractors and Femern A/S to secure and improve conditions," says Michiel Klaui.

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