A new fixed link the tunnel across Fehmarnbelt

We’re building the world’s longest road and rail tunnel

The 18 km immersed Fehmarnbelt tunnel will connect Denmark and Germany.

You write history as we build

Working at Femern A/S, you'll not only be building the world's longest immersed tunnel. You'll be making history. Professionally speaking, no matter what your profession, you will find no greater challenge to tackle in your career. Read more about a career in Femern A/S.


Forthcoming tenders for the electrical and mechanical installations in the Fehmarnbelt tunnel


Femern A/S has sent out information about the forthcoming tender processes for the execution of all electrical and mechanical installations in the tunnel, as well as the establishment of a new transformer station east of Rødbyhavn.

Follow the livestream from Rødbyhavn


We have set up a webcam that broadcasts via a livestream from the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel construction site in Rødbyhavn on Lolland.

Livestream from the construction site in Rødbyhavn

We have set up a webcam that broadcasts via a livestream from the construction site of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel construction site in Rødbyhavn on Lolland via a livestream.

Visionary thinking


160 km faster

A European connection

A green traffic corridor

Along with the tunnel, the upgrading and expansion of the rail link between Ringsted and Lübeck will bring shorter and faster links regionally and between Scandinavia and central Europe. 

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will create new opportunities for international freight transport. Once opened, freight trains between Hamburg and Scandinavia will be saved the 160 km detour via the current freight train route across the Great Belt.

From north to south Europe in less time

A fixed link between Germany and Denmark will not be affected by inclement weather, waiting times or the need to make a reservation.

Read more about your benefits here.

northern europe's largest construction PROJECT



The construction of the tunnel between Denmark and Germany will be carried out in several phases over a number of years.

500 apprentices

Becoming a sub-contractor

Tunnel construction at the Fehmarnbelt offers excellent opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to be sub-contractors on the project. You can find our two guides for subcontractors here.

3000 tunnel workers

New jobs

The Fehmarnbelt link will be produced at a large purpose-built factory east of Rødbyhavn in Denmark

79 standard reinforced concrete elements will be built at the tunnel factory on Lolland in Denmark. The production facility is expected to provide up to 3,000 jobs a year over the approximately eight and a half year long construction period. 

from southern sweden to northern germany new opportunities the fehmarnbelt region


58.8 million bed nights


The tunnel as a basis for regional development

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will create one new region in Europe – the Fehmarnbelt region – with greater cohesion and increased competitiveness. Cross-border integration of the labour market will be increased.  

Focus on the environment

The Fehmarnbelt project will be undertaken with the greatest possible respect for nature and the environment. This applies both during the construction work and the operation of the finished tunnel. 

Visit our Information Centres in Denmark and Germany

Since 2009, Femern A/S has kept people informed about the planned new tunnel link at its Information Centre in Burg on the German island of Fehmarn and in Rødbyhavn in Denmark. Find contact information, addresses and opening hours here.