Status for the economy of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

The construction budget for the Fehmarn link is DKK 52.bn. A reserve of DKK 7bn is included in this.

The EU Commission has designated the Fehmarn link as a priority project. The Commission has provisionally allocated DKK 1.7bn in support of design costs and DKK 5.3bn for construction costs to the project.

The link is user-financed according to the same model for the fixed links of the Great Belt Fixed Link and the Øresund Bridge. The project has a repayment period of 36 years, including upgrades to the railway between Ringsted and Rødby, which will also be funded by the profit from the tunnel.

The Fehmarnbelt project was approved by a Construction Act passed by the Danish parliament in 2015. In 2016, conditional civil works contracts were concluded with two major international contractor consortia consisting of Danish, German, French and Dutch companies. The contracts encompass approximately 75 percent of the construction.