A European project

The European Union has an important role in the modernisation of European infrastructure. The EU members see the improvement of European infrastructure as the prerequisite for an effective internal market and for the green transition in the whole of the EU. The Fehmarnbelt project is thus supported by the European Union.

The EU is supporting the Fehmarnbelt project through the Connecting Europe Facility program (CEF). The project has so far been granted 589 million EUR and the associated railway on the Danish side has been granted 117 million EUR from the CEF. Denmark is expecting further grants to the project under the next CEF program that runs from 2021 until 2027. 

Below we have listed some facts on the relationship between the Fehmarnbelt project and the European Union:

  • The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel is one of the largest and most important infrastructure projects in Europe.
  • The project eliminates one of the bottlenecks in the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor that stretches between Northern Scandinavia and Malta. The ScanMed Corridor is one of nine prioritized transport corridors within the EU.
  • The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel contributes to the EU 2050 climate goals by reducing transport distances and travel-time for rail transport between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Hence, it improves the competitiveness of low emission transport of goods and passengers.
  • The project is an important element of EU transport policy providing an effective transport corridor between Eastern Denmark and Northern Germany. It improves mobility and thereby supports the free flow of goods and services within the EU.
  • The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and the hinterland connections in Denmark and Germany are a prerequisite for a new, integrated region encompassing Copenhagen/Malmö and Hamburg.
  • The European co-financing of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and the hinterland connections is expected to reach at least ten percent of the construction costs. EU grants are particularly important and appreciated in cross border infrastructure, like the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel.
  • The EU Commission has recently declared the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel as one of Europe’s most important infrastructure projects and a backbone of the European economy.