Close co-operation with regional and local partners

Femern A/S has regular discussions with the municipality of Lolland, Region Zealand, Fehmarn municipality and East Holstein. In addition, Femern A/S works closely with regional stakeholders from businesses and tourist organisations in Denmark and northern Germany. Tourism is of great regional importance on Lolland-Falster and in East Holstein and is therefore a focus area for Femern A/S.


Lolland and East Holstein are attractive tourist regions, which will acquire new opportunities as a result of the fast and direct tunnel link under the Fehmarnbelt.  For visitors from Scandinavia, these areas will only be a short train or car journey away. In return, it will be faster and easier for Germans to take a trip to the Danish beaches and theme parks and to Copenhagen.

In East Holstein, a number of stakeholders are working to coordinate communication to tourists in the region before, during and after the tunnel construction. A working group comprising Femern A/S, LBV Lübeck and Deutsche Bahn AG as well as representatives from East Holstein, Tourismus-Service Fehmarn and Fehmarn municipality has published a joint information brochure about the individual parts of the project. You can find the brochure here. 


Did you know that...

... a large number of cross-border organisations are already working to develop the Fehmarnbelt region in various areas, e.g. the Fehmarnbelt Committee, Femern Belt DevelopmentFehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC) or STRING?

... Lolland and East Holstein are already discussing co-operating on vocational training for young people.

... the tourist sector is a focal point in Femern A/S' regional dialogue. Lolland and East Holstein are attractive tourist regions and will acquire new opportunities with the fast and direct link under the Fehmarnbelt. 

Business life

The Fehmarnbelt link will enhance trade relations in the Fehmarnbelt region. The business community in northern Germany is aware of the potential and is already preparing for the new link. At the same time, Femern A/S is working closely with a wide range of business organisations in the region. They include IHK zu Lübeck, UV Nord/Ostholstein-Plön, IHK zu Kiel, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Logistics Initiative Hamburg, Fehmarnbelt Business Council, AHK in Copenhagen and IHK zu Schwerin.

In Denmark, Væksthus Zealand, Business Lolland-Falster and Fehmarnbelt Development along with Femern A/S are working on professional development and collaboration between companies and organisations in connection with the tunnel project.

Opportunities for regional businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses from the region will have good opportunities to become sub-contractors for the tunnel project. Therefore, Femern A/S, in co-operation with IHK zu Lübeck and IHK zu Kiel and UV Ostholstein Plön have arranged a series of information evenings on the German side. The aim is to ensure that as many Danish and north German regional businesses as possible take part in the construction of the tunnel, creating jobs and apprenticeships in the region. Lolland and East Holstein have already discussed co-operation in terms of vocational training for young people and job centres in Lolland and Lübeck are working together to strengthen recruitment across the Fehmarnbelt. Read more here.