Transformer station to supply green energy for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel


A new transformer station for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel has been put out for tender.

Electric trains through the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between Denmark and Germany will run on green energy supplied directly from a new transformer station.

The contract for the new plant has just been put out for tender. The transformer station will also have sufficient capacity for a largescale charging station for electric vehicles near the tunnel.

The largescale transformer station, which will be sited close to the tunnel portal at Rødbyhavn, will ensure that the 18 km Fehmarnbelt Tunnel has a constant and secure supply of power to run electric train operations, the motorway, ventilation and lighting.

The contract for building the transformer station has been put out for tender with pre-qualification of interested bidders taking place before the summer holidays, with a view to start-up in 2023.

This is an extremely high value contract that will attract bidders from Denmark and beyond, says Kirsten Christensen, Femern A/S’ Contract Director with responsibility for railway installations.

“The transformer station will be one of a kind in Denmark, taking its size and capacity into consideration. It will supply energy to run electric train operations and the electrical installations in-side the tunnel. We expect several stakeholders within the field to be interested in the task”, says Kirsten Christensen.

With an area of approximately 30,000 sq.m. the transformer station will be one of the largest of its type in Denmark. It will distribute electricity to the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel’s railway and installa-tions as well as 10 km of railway on Lolland.

Energinet’s share of green energy is currently around 80 per cent on Lolland. When the tunnel opens in 2029, the share of energy from sustainable sources in the region is expected to be almost 100 per cent.

As well as prioritising energy efficiency, Femern A/S’ contract also requires the transformer station to be prepared for the future use of electric modes of transport. There will be sufficient capacity for a largescale charging station for electric vehicles near the tunnel.

"The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will be a fully electrified, green transport corridor for passenger and freight trains. The completed tunnel and transformer station will be a substantial contribution to the green transition of the transport sector,” says Kirsten Christensen.

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