Safe Start to the Fehmarnbelt Construction Project


Preparations for the construction of the harbour and the construction site which will produce the huge tunnel elements for the coming Fehmarnbelt link at Rødbyhavn have got off to a good start.

The same applies to the effort to create safe working conditions for the construction teams. 

As a result, there were no accidents at work in 2019, the year when construction activity reached a peak at the large work area east of Rødbyhavn.

Villads Engstrøm, Project Manager at Femern A/S, comments:

"A large number of major and minor tasks are carried out on a daily basis – and all of them have to be performed safely. We have not experienced one single industrial accident since work got underway, which we’re obviously very pleased about. This is a good start to the largescale work that is ahead of us, i.e. the establishment of the concrete works, the harbour facilities and the construction of the tunnel itself.”

The work area corresponds to around 260 football fields: water, electricity and a sewage system have now been connected, new access roads and cycle paths established, and a special drainage system installed.

The project manager puts the good start down to the smooth co-operation with the contractors and the Danish Working Environment Authority, which conducts inspections of the construction site. 

Regular safety meetings and safety checks are held at the construction site which are solution-focused. There is also close co-ordination between the various contractors.

"We have determined the overall framework for the safety culture at the construction site to which the individual contractors contribute. This requires that each contractor plans individual activities in advance – always with safety at the forefront,” says Villads Engstrøm.

Intervention is automatic should there be any inappropriate behaviour at the construction site, and this is subsequently discussed at safety meetings. 

"Our experience is that this pays off in the work areas, and we see greater focus on the working environment. The work to ensure a safe working environment is ongoing and will continue to require a focused effort from all the parties involved in the years ahead when the tunnel construction gets fully underway,” says Villads Engstrøm.

Part of a working group

Femern A/S participates in a working group set up by the Ministries of Transport and Employment with the aim of gathering experience and providing recommendations that will ensure the best possible working environment at largescale construction projects. 

In addition to Femern A/S, the working group comprises the Danish Working Environment Au-thority, the Danish Road Directorate, the Danish Building & Property Agency and Banedanmark.