The Fehmarnbelt project gets the green light from the German authorities for preparatory works (PPW) in Germany


Femern A/S and its German project partner LBV Lübeck have been given the go-ahead from German authorities to start a series of preparatory construction works for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel at Puttgarden.

The 'immediate enforcement' approval granted by the German authorities means that the work can be done while any objections to the approval are dealt with.

"The granting of the immediate enforcement approval by the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein means that we can get started with initial site development in Germany. The project's timeschedule will benefit," says Claus F. Baunkjær, CEO of Femern A/S. "Activities on the island of Fehmarn have particular focus on measures to protect the environment, and will be conducted in close, open dialogue with the municipality and local population.

One of the things to be built is an amphibian fence around the future construction site on Fehmarn, to protect such creatures as the newts living in the area. Otherwise, utility lines have to be laid or relaid, and geotechnical investigations performed. This will all be done as part of the preparation for construction, including the tunnel portal on the German side.

Femern A/S has invited the German environmental protection organisations Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) and Landesnaturschutzverband (LNV), and environmental authorities to inspect the future construction site, and to engage in dialogue on the activities to come.

"In its role as Owner, Femern A/S will carefully follow instructions and requirements from the German authorities throughout the project," says Henrik Christensen, Technical Director of Femern A/S.

The site preparation activities on Fehmarn will help to ensure that the actual construction works in Germany can start as soon as the German courts have considered objections to the plan approval.

Construction work has already started on the Danish side, where most of the work will be done. The construction site at Rødbyhavn is currently being prepared, and later in the year, work on the massive work harbour will begin. Materials for construction of the tunnel element factory will be sailed in via the harbour and tunnel elements will be shipped out to sea from here.