Femern A/S signs conditional contracts with the selected contractor consortia for the four main tunnel contracts

Following the information on 12 May 2016, it can now be announced that on 30 May 2016, Femern A/S signed contracts with the selected contractor consortia for the four main tunnel construction contracts. The contracts were awarded following a competitive EU tender and are conditional upon final German environmental approval being obtained, c.f. press release from Femern A/S of 4 March 2016. It was originally planned for contracts to be signed on 13 May 2016, but the signing was postponed for precautionary reasons in order await the result of the review of the complaint referred to in the announcement of 12 May 2016.  
The contracts relating to the immersed tunnel and tunnel factory (Tunnel North Contract and Tunnel South Contract) and the contract for the establishment of portals and ramps (Tunnel Portals and Ramps Contract) have been signed with Femern Link Contractors, while the contract for dredging and reclamation works (Tunnel Dredging and Reclamation) has been signed with Fehmarn Belt Contractors.

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