Nine international consortia attend first briefing with Femern A/S


Tendering for the Fehmarnbelt project is now well underway. Femern A/S has embarked on the process of finding the consortia that will be appointed to build the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt.

On Tuesday 27 August 2013, more than 60 senior executives from the nine international consortia prequalified to tender for the project, met in Copenhagen where they had the opportunity to meet the management and contract managers at Femern A/S.

“The day has proved to be very valuable for us at Femern A/S. These contracts are worth hundreds of millions of euros,” says Steen Lykke, Technical Director. ”It’s important for us that the contractors know us and have a thorough understanding of the project. Cooperation as well as the project must be a success. The contractors should not only be highly skilled technically, but also show leadership and breadth of view.”

Femern A/S has prequalified nine major consortia to tender for the four large construction contracts for the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt. These are: 1) Tunnel North, 2) Tunnel South, 3) Portals and Ramps and 4) Dredging and Reclamation. Between three and five consortia are prequalified to tender for each of the four contracts.    

The meeting on Tuesday in Copenhagen marks the start of the bidding process, which will be completed in 2015 when the contracts are signed. It is assumed that, by that time, the Danish parliament will have passed a Construction Act for the Fehmarnbelt project and that the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein will have given all necessary approvals.

This is a long and thorough process where each bidder must demonstrate their ability and capacity to meet the client’s requirements, including those pertaining to the environment, safety and working conditions. The bidders must prove that they have the necessary financial strength and the technical and managerial skills. They must also demonstrate that they can offer a robust and preferably innovative way of undertaking the project within the stipulated requirements and, not least, at a fair and competitive price.

”We’re very pleased with the meeting and with the good dialogue, which is a prerequisite for a successful project. The consortia have shown great interest in the project and we expect healthy competition as regards methods, innovation and price. We’re convinced, therefore, that we’ll be able to appoint the best consortia that are capable of handling the job and meeting all our requirements,” says Steen Lykke, Technical Director, Femern A/S.   

The companies in the nine consortia come from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France and South Korea. Companies from the UK and USA are also linked to some of the nine groups.   

In November 2013, all the consortia will travel to Lolland-Falster and Schleswig-Holstein in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the construction areas at Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden. This will coincide with a pre-bid conference where details of the requirements for each tender will be provided and what conditions apply when building on both German and Danish territory.  

You can find a list of all prequalified consortia here and read more about the process here. A list of all briefing-attendees incl. contact information can be found here.

To the editor: 
For further information, please contact Technical Director Steen Lykke, tel.  +45 33 41 63 25 or Chief Press Officer Karsten Holmegaard, tel. +45 33 41 63 35 or +45 40 10 42 50.

Photos and videos are available from kho@femern.dk.

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