Guard Vessel and Inspection Vessel service contract

In connection with the offshore construction activities of the Femern Belt Fixed Link project a Vessel Traffic Service, VTS Fehmarnbelt, will be established as a part of the risk control measures.

As a part of the VTS Fehmarnbelt the offshore work areas shall be guarded by guard vessels at all times. This contract relates to the guard vessel service.

Furthermore, the contract also covers inspection vessel service, e.g. to be used for transportation of Femern's personnel, contractor personnel and visitors visiting and/or supervising the offshore construction activities.

The tender was sent for publication on Tender Electronic Daily on 17 December 2019.

Candidates interested in requesting for participation must submit its the request for participation by uploading it to the electronic tendering system. The electronic tendering system is accessed via the link: http://eu.eu-supply.com/app/rfq/rwlentrance_s.asp?PID=257975&B=KA

The deadline for requesting for participation is 17 January 2020 12:00 local time in Denmark.

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