Framework Agreement for Translation Services

Femern A/S is tendering a framework agreement for translation services.

The overall tasks under this Framework Agreement include translations, rephrasing, proof reading, quality assurances of texts and/or translations, developing Femern A/S´ translation memory and glossary and terminology lists and the establishment and maintenance of a client platform for ordering of assignments. The Consultant has to be able to deliver highest quality translation services in Danish, German and English in the following language combinations: DA – DE and DE – DA , DA – EN and EN – DA, and DE – EN and EN – DE.

Tenderers interested must submit its request for participation by uploading it to the electronic tendering system. The electronic tendering system is accessed via the link: https://eu.eu-supply.com/ctm/Supplier/PublicPurchase/299062/0/0?returnUrl=&b=KA

The deadline for submission of request for participation is 25 May 2021 12:00 local time in Denmark