Spotlight on safety at the Fehmarnbelt construction project

An objective of Femern A/S is to create one of Denmark’s safest construction sites.

Major construction projects like the Fehmarnbelt tunnel, where many professionals work together and complex tasks are desigend and carried out, are highly demanding in terms of safety.  In the main, thorough training in safety and the working environment is an important element in the establishment of the construction site and during construction near and at the Fehmarnbelt. 

As the construction site will be one of the largest in Europe, where many professionals will work together on complex tasks, Femern A/S’ safety requirements will be particularly high. 

Everyone who works on Femern A/S’ tunnel construction sites will be required to have a high level of knowledge about safety and working environment conditions in order that work is as safe and secure as possible for the individual employee. 

The safety concept takes its inspiration from the London Olympics in 2012. Good management, a regular exchange of experience and a culture that ensures that all employees are accountable for a safe construction site were among the elements that contributed to the success of the London Olympics. Femern A/S is drawing on this experience with regard to the construction of the Fehmarnbelt link. 

Proper housing conditions 

Construction workers on the Fehmarnbelt tunnel will have good and healthy working conditions, which also include good accommodation where they will have the opportunity to rest during their free time. There will be housing complexes for seconded personnel who cannot reasonably be expected to commute between their home and workplace. Femern A/S will impose precise requirements on the accommodation standards for such employees. 

Co-operation with the authorities

Femern A/S is working closely together with the authorities on developing the safety measures on the construction site in order to avoid accidents, minimize the impact and ensure a fast rescue effort. 


Did you know that....

... The Fehmarnbelt safety concept is inspired by the London Olympics in 2012 where there were far fewer accidents than normal on major construction projects. 

... An app can also contain knowledge sharing about the safety at work, and the possibility of reporting safety-related incidents. 

Drones and safety apps to be considered

Femern A/S is looking into the possibility of using drones and smartphones at the construction site. In case of an accident drones can get a defibrillator or other first aid equipment to the scene in just a few minutes. 

Should an accident occur or should someone suffer a cardiac arrest, the scene of the incident can be quickly located through an interactive map. The drone can then be despatched from the roof of a control centre at the construction site and reach the scene of the emergency quickly. 

Another element that could come into play is a smart phone app, which can track an employee’s location. An app can also contain information about safety at work, e.g. first aid instructions, information about duties and procedures and the possibility of reporting safety-related incidents. 

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