Great need for sub-contractors

Tunnel construction at the Fehmarnbelt offers excellent opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to be sub-contractors on the project.

Femern A/S has offered the major construction contracts to consortia made up of companies from different countries. The winning consortia are the main contractors and will of course supply the majority of their own personnel and equipment when construction begins.

However, the main contractors will also need to hire sub-contractors to work on many construction tasks, and there will be the need to procure goods and services from local and regional businesses on both sides of the Fehmarnbelt.

There is a huge potential for well-prepared sub-contractors. It is expected that, for every worker directly employed by the main contractors, a new position will open at the sub-contractors participating in the project.

Requirement for proper conditions

Femern A/S has included the requirement in the contracts with the contractor consortia that they must ensure proper conditions in terms of pay and employment, as well as in terms of the working environment, safety and housing. The main contractors will pass these requirements on to their sub-contractors, who are thus also required to meet Femern A/S’ demands.


Contact to consortia

As the client, Femern A/S has no direct contact between the main contractors and the sub-contractors. A contract between main contractor and sub-contractor will be a commercial agreement reached in accordance with market conditions.

During the tender process for the major construction contracts, Femern A/S published two guides for sub-contractors. The guides set out potential sub-contracts and list contacts in the various construction consortia that have bid for construction work.