Fehmarnbelt tunnel creates apprenticeships and traineeships

Young people in education will play a part in the construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel and the emergence of a new major transport corridor in Europe.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel, which will link the island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, will be Denmark’s biggest ever construction project. The client, Femern A/S, has drawn up contracts stipulating that during the project’s construction period apprentices will be employed for the equivalent of a minimum of 500 man-years in total.

Henrik Christensen, Technical Director at Femern A/S, explains:

"As a state-owned company, we believe we have a special obligation to assume social responsibility for the many young people who are in education or training. At the same time, we’re also helping to train our future workforce – and that’s a good investment.”

In addition to the many hundreds of apprentices, a large number of trainees, engineering students and PhD candidates will all contribute to this 18 km engineering feat.

Cecilie Elgaard Hansen, 23, has secured a traineeship with Femern A/S. Over the next two years, she will be an office apprentice, specialising in administration.

It’s really fantastic that a country as small as Denmark can do this. We’ll even beat the U.S. Right now, the world’s longest immersed tunnel is in San Francisco, but it won’t be long before that record goes to Denmark,” she says.

As part of the preparations for the project, the Fehmarnbelt fixed link has already established apprenticeships and traineeships corresponding to 22 full-time equivalents within various professional sectors, e.g. office apprentices, archaeologists, geologists, builders, etc. The number of apprenticeships and traineeships will increase as the project progresses.

Read Femern A/S’ annual report on its CSR activities here.

Watch a video about apprentices on the Fehmarnbelt link here.

We’re also helping to train our future workforce – and that’s a good investment.

Henrik Christensen, Technical Director, Femern A/S

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