Good job opportunities for many professionals

Work on the Fehmarnbelt fixed link will be performed by the main contractors that Femern A/S has contracted with.

The main contractors are responsible for employing the necessary personnel. If you are interested in working on the Fehmarnbelt fixed link, you should therefore contact the contractor.  

You can find a list of the contractors who have submitted bids for the major construction contracts to Femern A/S here: 

Guidelines for sub-contractors for the four major construction contracts for the tunnel.pdf

Guidelines for sub-contractors for the electrical and mechanical installations contracts and the power supply/sub-station for the tunnel.pdf

In the contracts with the contractor consortia, Femern A/S requires contractors to ensure proper conditions in respect of pay and employment conditions, the working environment, safety and accommodation. 

The main contractors are responsible for ensuring that these conditions are also met by their sub-contractors who are thus also obliged to meet Femern A/S’ requirements. 

Vacancies in the client organisation, Femern A/S, can be found here.