We welcome tunnel visionaries

Find a deeper purpose

Join a team of dedicated colleagues

Working at Femern A/S, you will be working on a scale of complexity rarely seen. Every measure, quantity and fragment of the project is mega-scale as we build the world’s longest immersed tunnel, connecting Denmark and Germany and opening up entirely new possibilities. 

From contracts to construction and from coast to coast, as a Femern A/S employee you will undoubtedly be part of a very well-prepared mega-construction, comprising several projects within the project.

Meet a femern expert

We match ambition with opportunities

Meet Stefanie Knörck, Senior Project Manager, Plan Approval

With orderliness in the driver's seat when preparing for construction

Meet Christian Henriksen, Head of Danish Plan Approval

I look forward to the train ride under the Belt

Meet Kirsten Margrethe Christensen, Contract Director, Railway

Apprenticeship: Experienced forces and new insights

Meet Nis Nonbo Andersen, Design Engineer and Niels Erik Mortensen

Matthias and the tunnel home

Meet Matthias Laubenstein, Head of Plan Approval Germany

We cooperate to succeed 

Meet Obinna van Capelleveen, Project Manager

Collaboration is the key

Meet Susanne Nicolaisen, Contract Coordination Manager

My work is visible in the landscape

Meet Anne Bøgh Johansen, Chief Legal Officer 

A deeper purpose

In Femern A/S we are the responsible Client of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed link. Our preparation in building this underwater mega project is at an advanced stage, with the main construction phase just ahead.

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