The tunnel as a basis for regional development

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is more than a fast, strong link between Denmark and Germany. It forms the basis for the development of the entire region.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will mean shorter travel times, greater capacity, more flexibility and improved security of supply between Scandinavia and Central Europe.
Owing to shorter travel times, companies will be able to save time and cost and thus boost their productivity and competitiveness. They will have opportunities for new customers, employees and suppliers because the tunnel will enlarge the hinterland. The new opportunities will be of particular importance to companies with production facilities on both sides of the Fehmarnbelt. The logistics industry in particular will have much to gain from the increased flexibility.

Studies have shown that efficient infrastructure is one of the key competitive parameters for many companies. Economic effects will also be triggered by the improvement to rail transport. Freight traffic between Germany and Sweden, which accounts for the majority of rail freight in Denmark, will be transferred to the Fehmarnbelt corridor, thus avoiding a detour of 160 km. Capacity for the rail network in Denmark as a link between Germany and Scandinavia will be doubled. 

Increased trade  

The shorter travel times will also bring Sweden and Germany closer together in economic terms. On the German side, there are still major differences between the German federal states in terms of trade with Scandinavian neighbours. While the federal states of northern Germany are already focused on trading with Denmark and Sweden, the whole of Scandinavia could be more attractive to the states in the central and southern part of Germany once the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is completed. 
Efficient infrastructure is one of the key competitive parameters for the business community.

Did you know that....

... 75% of train journeys across Øresund are regional, i.e. starting and ending in the Øresund region

... Germany is Denmark’s most important trading partner

… Schleswig-Holstein has hundreds of available trainee places

One labour market

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will create one new region in Europe – the Fehmarnbelt region – with greater cohesion and increased competitiveness. Cross-border integration of the labour market will be increased.  

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