If you live in Sweden

Reach your destination faster

With the Øresund Bridge and the Fehmarnbelt tunnel, Sweden will be more closely connected with the rest of the European continent. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or are travelling on business, the shorter travelling time will offer new opportunities.  

With a direct rail link, you will be able to travel from Stockholm to Hamburg in just seven hours and from Malmö to Hamburg in three. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will shave off a 160 km detour across Denmark.    

Enlarged export market 

Germany is Sweden’s largest trading partner and the Fehmarnbelt tunnel will mean that companies in Sweden will strengthen their European trade links. The tunnel will mean shorter transport times and higher capacity, which will make it easier for Swedish companies to enter European export markets. Fresh goods will be able to be transported over longer distances and the lower transport costs will make Swedish goods more competitive. 

In the future, therefore, it will be even more attractive to export to northern and central Germany. This means that traffic on the Øresund Bridge will increase as a result of the Fehmarnbelt link.  

More tourists

As Sweden is a popular holiday destination among Germans, owners of holiday homes, hotels and inns in southern Sweden can look forward to more tourists. The Baltic Sea region already attracts many tourists. Its German coast is a particularly popular and accessible destination and the Fehmarnbelt link will bring this holiday area closer to Sweden.