If you live on Sealand

The Fehmarnbelt link is investing in an upgrade of the railway from Ringsted to Rødbyhavn, which will have two electrified tracks prepared for speeds of up to 200 km/h. There is currently only one track, which is used by diesel trains, and the maximum speed is between 120-160 km/h. 

The improved railway on Zealand will significantly reduce travel time between southern and mid-Jutland and Copenhagen. For example, the rail journey between Nykøbing Falster and Copenhagen will take just under one hour compared to the current one and a half hours. A trip to Næstved will take 23 minutes compared to 41 minutes today. 

When the link and the landworks are completed, a direct train connection from Copenhagen to Hamburg will take two and a half hours. With stops along the way at Ringsted and Lübeck, for example, the journey time will be under three hours. Today, the same journey takes 4.5 hours.  

Contractors on the project are obliged to provide apprenticeships. At least 500 apprentices from many different professions and educational institutions will be able to undertake part of their training at the Fehmarnbelt link. 

Read more about becoming a sub-contractor on the Fehmarnbelt project here. 

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