Whistleblower scheme

At Femern A/S, we prioritise openness and credibility. Therefore, we have established a whistleblower scheme.

The scheme gives employees and others with relations with Femern A/S a channel via which they can freely report irregularities or breaches of rules. It guarantees full anonymity to anyone who wants to report any suspicions.

The whistleblower scheme thus creates transparency, which is in line with our focus on good corporate governance. It makes it possible to report serious financial crime such as embezzlement, bribery, fraud and forgery or breach of health and safety and environment rules, pollution of the environment and physical violence and sexual offences. On the portal below, information is available on matters that are not covered by the scheme.

Reports can be made on an external portal by all employees, Board members and external parties such as suppliers, advisers, consultants and others with relations with Femern A/S.

The portal is accessed here.