Femern A/S’ CSR Policy reflects the company’s focus on accountability, transparency and respect.

The UN Global Compact, together with Femern A/S’ own values and principles, serve the purpose of seeking to prevent and always mitigating the negative social, environmental and economic consequences of the company’s activities.

Femern A/S has chosen to work with the following focus areas:

  • Management and Governance 
  • Environment, Nature Conservation and Climate 
  • Safety, Health & Well-being 
  • Communication & Dialogue

Femern A/S expects its business partners, contractors, consultants and suppliers to take part in a constructive dialogue and cooperate in order to continuously improve employees’ conditions, contribute to a sustainable process and participate in developing new standards for the benefit of the industry and posterity.

Read Femern A/S' CSR policy here

Read Femern A/S' Code of Conduct here