Kirsten Margrethe Christensen, Contract Director, Railway

I look forward to the train ride under the Belt

When we place 18 km railway tracks in a tunnel under the water, we are not only connecting Europe with trains – we are bringing Europeans closer together. I look forward to taking my family on the first trip under the Belt.

I am responsible for the department, which makes sure that the railway is ready on time and lives up to quality and economy. A lot of ends – and many disciplines – have to meet in order to succeed with this. Technics, legislation, environment and safety must be in place, before the trains can start to run the short, only 7-minute-drive under Fehmarnbelt between Denmark and Germany.

Personally, I am looking forward to taking my family on the trip through the tunnel. I have always been fascinated by trains, and love to go on interrail during the summer holiday. It is a relaxing way of travelling, where I can be with my family and rest – and when we get off the train, we are in a new place – well, perhaps we have even crossed an ocean. Therefore, it is also some kind of a dream for me to be part of constructing the longest, submerged stretch of railway.

We must all the time have an eye on the bigger picture – the total construction work. We cannot restrict ourselves to focus on our part of the project, even though it in itself is huge. We shall place 18 km railway tracks on 39 meters depth, yes. But it plays very closely together with all other parts of the construction work. A large part of my work is to make different fields and disciplines meet. My task is among other things to make sure that it is clear who is responsible for what in all the places, where the railway part meets the other project parts, for instance electronics and piping in the tunnel and in the ramps.

It is a complex task – and it is precisely this complexity and the constant development of my work, which I love. We are constantly moving. Every time we make a decision and gets a puzzle piece in place, we are taking a step closer to the final goal: To construct a tunnel that brings people closer together.

It may seem magnificent, but I believe in the vision behind the project. I think it serves a greater purpose. I am really happy to participate in bringing people closer together and creating a completely new region. And I am proud of being part of creating something, which will stand for many generations to come.

Every time we make a decision and gets a puzzle piece in place, we are taking a step closer to the final goal: To construct a tunnel that brings people closer together.

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