Anne Bøgh Johansen, Chief Legal Advisor

My work is visible in the landscape

It makes me happy to work together with talented colleagues towards a common goal and to feel that we are participating in making a difference for so many people. At the same time it is very inspiring to work on a project where you can actually see a physical result – an 18 km long immersed tunnel.

As Chief Legal Advisor on the Femern Tunnel I take part in defining and explaining the rules for the construction and in making sure that they are followed to the letter. I expound our rights and obligations in connection with the contracts and make sure that our business partners do the same. All in all it is about helping the things to happen in a proper manner. Usually, legal work can be very black/white. But here is a reality, where everything must fit. It is not just words on a piece of paper – a physical tunnel is to be built.

I am really challenged professionally, and at the same time it makes me proud to be part of a historic project, which will make a difference for millions of people and create a completely new region in Northern Europe. And the project is huge on many levels. It is about more than a completed tunnel. It is also about the way it is constructed. We shall educate apprentices and trainees. We will do something good for the environment in the long run. For the work environment and the people, who will be working on the tunnel construction for many years. Our CSR work is ambitious. How do we do it best, so everything is connected and attractive to everyone?

I experience that we are making a difference. And do it together. My colleagues are very inspiring persons, who are dedicated to what they do. We work towards the same goal – and help back each other up. There is a good team spirit here, which makes it easy to be carried away and go home happy after a work day.

And then it is extremely inspiring to work on a project where you can see a physical result. It is not just piles of paper that have to be shuffled. No, my work makes a mark in the landscape. That is rather awesome.

One thing in particular makes it so motivating to work here: No matter your role, everyone is working towards a common goal

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